Sybrial has the best of both worlds within a company: extensive software engineering experience effortlessly combined with fresh creativity and originality.

What we can do for you

  • Design, engineer and integrate software
  • Dockerize existing applications
  • Streamline workflows with custom tools
  • 3D data visualisation (Unity/browser/VR)

Where to find us
Gumroad / itch.io / instagram



Sybren is a software engineer with a MSc in nanophysics. He has worked in industrial automation, designing user interfaces and writing software to automate production lines by using robots. As freelancer he developed webapps to visualise data in 3D / VR. He also has a passion for creating art, both on paper and in 3D. He does not have a passion for writing about himself in third person though.



Exporti is a an addon for Blender to help you export the same selections with the same settings to the same path every time.


Yayti is a logical puzzle game, where you play as a yeti trying to make it's way through levels by melting the ice blocking your path. The mechanics are simple. Lava melts ice, ice freezes water, and water extinguishes lava.


We have experience with a wide range of technologies and we're always happy to learn more.

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